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v4.15.1.b UniTheme2 (Multi-Vendor) from 25-Aug-2022

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Dear friends, today we have released the new version of theme:

UniTheme2 for Multi-Vendor edition of CS-Cart v4.15.1.b from 25-Aug-2022

Discuss release, share your point of view, notify about error or suggest and improvement you can on our forum !
Attention! We recommend to update used layouts of the theme.
Do you wish to make update without any problems and ensure the result? Use the help of AB team to support your on-line store in the actual state.
Service - theme update

New features and improvements:
[+] Added a new style for the “Checkout” page (layout update is required to - mv7).
[+] On the layout page "Checkout" added new blocks with new templates:
* Block "Order summary" with the template "AB: Order summary";
* Block "AB: Promo code" with the template "AB: Promo code";
* Block "Your order" with the template "AB: Products in cart".
You need to update layouts if you wish to start working with the blocks rapidly.

Functionality changes:
[*] Added a new style for content block "Request a call”. The block is available at all new (mv7) theme layouts.

Updates are available to all users with an active subscription; they are made through the CS-Cart Update Center.

If you want to receive information about all our updates – subscribe to our channels:

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