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  1. @ab.support.serj When will you release the new version? I'm waiting for the blog addon and banners for categories. Is it gonna by anytime soon?
  2. Do you know the release date? It's been a while since the video was uploaded
  3. @ab.support.serjAwesome work! New UX and UI in this addon is perfect! Keep up the good work!
  4. Hi, @aleksbranding any chance that you will release v3.0.0 any time soon? Q4 is a really bussy time and I would like to use all the new features before black friday! Thanks for the reply
  5. Wow, bfcache on your demo is awesome. Great job! Tomorrow I will update and hope it will work as smooth as on your demo! You surprised me once again! Kudos
  6. Please add in the product categories list tempalte ("Find similar") option to link to the brand page. E.g. https://unitheme.net/ab-phones/ab-apple-iphone-14-pro-128gb-deep-purple-mq0g3rx-a/ Add text link to all apple products (https://unitheme.net/apple-en/) There is already brand feature id so it should be easy but it will defenitely affect seo for brand pages (direct anchor as brand name). Right now in Google Search Console I can see that there are more internal links for seo catygory pages for filters than for brand pages. Let me know what you think
  7. Could you also add hiding fast navigation block in seo pages for filters?
  8. @AndreyJ Ok, let's wait a few days and maybe someone will join us
  9. @AndreyJ I can donate $100 for the development of this feature. We need 3 - 4 other customers with similar budget to get this done. Would you be willing to participate? If anyone would like to participate in financing this feature, please feel free to write here or via PM. I hope we will manage to pull this off and together help each other a little bit
  10. How many dev hours would it take to get this feature? Maybe we can gather a group of stores that want to fund this feature.
  11. Hi, I want to add validation to zip code in the checkout. I've edited the code in design\themes\responsive\templates\views\profiles\components\profiles_scripts.tpl <script> (function(_, $) { /* Do not put this code to document.ready, because it should be initialized first */ $.ceRebuildStates('init', { default_country: '{$settings.Checkout.default_country|escape:javascript}', states: {$states|json_encode nofilter} }); {literal} $.ceFormValidator('setZipcode', { US: { regexp: /^(\d{5})(-\d{4})?$/, format: '01342 (01342-5678)' }, CA: { regexp: /^(\w{3} ?\w{3})$/, format: 'K1A OB1 (K1AOB1)' }, RU: { regexp: /^(\d{6})?$/, format: '123456' }, PL: { regexp: /^(\d{2})(-\d{3})?$/, format: '01342 (01342-5678)' } }); {/literal} }(Tygh, Tygh.$)); </script> And according to the docs (https://docs.cs-cart.com/latest/developer_guide/core/front-end/microformats.html) I should add class to label cm-zipcode? Should I do this directly in the unitheme? If yes, then which file should I edit? I'm stuck with this one and would appreciate the help! Thanks in advance!
  12. Если выбран формат номера телефона с выбором страны, http://i.abt.team/serj/20230912_164115.jpg http://i.abt.team/serj/20230912_163903.jpg то появляется селектор страны. http://i.abt.team/serj/20230912_163950.jpg Но если выбран другой формат, то остаётся пустое место. http://i.abt.team/serj/4345745895678.png Нужно в таком случае расширить поле ввода телефона.
  13. @ab.support.serj If there is no country selector because the setting is not chosen then there is a blank space. If there is no country selection then the space should be removed. You can check this out in the unitheme.net demo
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