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  1. In newest Cs-cart when using advanced style the quantity discount is touching other elements. The “In stock” is displayed in the wrong place. See attached screenshot taken from mobile.
  2. My filter is not displayed correctly and in spite of using fully rounded settings, the filter frames are not adhering to the rounded settings, they are using the default sharp corners. I checked the demo Unitheme and it works perfectly well there.
  3. @ab.support.serj But there is a different colour shade that shows around the icon of the clicked active bottom sticky panel and it’s dark grey. That’s the only I want to change.
  4. @ab.support.serj No I only want to change the colour of the border of the icon and title that indicates that the bottom panel link is clicked and active (being viewed).
  5. @ab.support.serjthanks for that, that resolved it. How can I change the highlighted colour when a bottom sticky link is active? I am using advanced layout and white style and my decorative colour is #ff9900 in theme settings. Currently the bottom sticky panels when active they are highlighted with a dark grey which is difficult to distinguish from non-active links.
  6. Thanks for the quick comment on this. What’s the appropriate translation that’s missing?
  7. In advanced layout, enabled bottom sticky panel then enable “Link to Home Page”. If you turn on “Display titles for panel items” the icon of link to home page breaks. See attached screenshot.
  8. Awesome to see all these many awesome changes and updates. Keep innovating, team AB!
  9. Can someone please explain why this is happening and how to resolve it. Updated to latest theme. Advanced layout and three columned product view. The “you save” price is touching other laments. See screenshot attached.
  10. @alexbrandingIn the updated demo with advanced layout and three columned view, the brand is touching elements of the buy now with one click. See screenshot attached.
  11. I understand that not all wishes can be met, but this particular feature has a lot of upvotes that was why I thought it would be featured in this release. Regarding paying for new features, it’s awesome that you have that option. But my problem is that a shop owner pays hundreds to a thousand dollars for a new feature because they want to differentiate themselves in a competitive market, then later that feature is pushed in a global update for everyone who paid zero. To tackle that issue I would propose a cloud fund for a high in demand complex feature. 1. Create a poll here to get votes 2. Move the request to a cloud funding platform. 3. Unitheme licence holders can fund the feature. 4. When funds reached then only those who contributed will have access to the addon . And If the goal hasn’t been reached then they get refunded.
  12. So there are two category icons. One in the top header with a redesigned style: when I tap on it I see categories only. The second one is the menu in the bottom sticky with old style: when I click on that nothing happens. Is that what you guys are discussing?
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